Looking for tea in the Bohai Sea, Ninger asked, there is a wonderful way to have you

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May 23-25, sunny, the sea and the grass are prosperous, and Ning Yu Miao Man is fragrant. Along with the footsteps of the summer, the owners of the estate gathered from the whole country to gather tea hills, and in the Bohai Sea, they visited the ancient tree tea from the perspective of “the people with the right” and felt the tea way in Ninglang as the “owner”.
Tea, drink meditation, and taste of life, will soon become the beloved of the garden owners. We first went to Nanzhao Mountain in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna. Nanzhao Mountain is one of the six major tea mountains and has a high reputation in the industry. Among them, the tea king tree has been fascinating for more than 800 years.
If the ancient tea garden is the appearance of nature's original ecology, then the organic tea garden is a picture of harmony between man and nature. Taishan Tea Garden is the tea garden that the founder of Tea King, Ji Yuting, led the local tea farmers in his later years, and is also the exclusive field of the owner.

We arranged tea seats and tea in the tea garden for the owners. Drinking tea in the mountains, more enjoyable, enjoy the scenery and tea.-红太阳
China's most beautiful leisure village - Nakoli
The ancient town of Corri is zero kilometers from the ancient Tea Horse Road. The good natural environment and the location behind the Corri give the Taishan Tea Garden more confidence and confidence. The Tea King Tea Factory, with its history of more than 140 years, the inheritance of three centuries, and the persistence of the five generations, has a sense of history and awe-inspiring.
Chairman Ji Xiang issued equity certificate to the owner of the estate
The application time refers to between 3 pm and 5 pm, and there are many benefits when drinking tea at the time of application. The Shenshi Tea Party will make people feel the aroma and charm of the tea soup. At this time, people's attention is no longer spread out, but they are talking to themselves, feeling the quiet beauty of the mood, and the soul is also happy.
A group of bonfires ignited the enthusiasm of the owners, and the cheerful atmosphere filled the entire dinner. The bright flames lit up the dark night sky, and the fun minority dances and dances also ended the journey.

The king of tea is happy. The event is coming to an end and joy will continue. Dear manor, welcome to go home and see!